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An Environment Friendly Development in the Sahyadri Range

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An Environment Friendly Development in the Sahyadri Range

September 20
19:57 2021
A look at the Eco-friendly real estate projects that are getting significant importance in the current scenario.

The Sahyadri range are one of the most renowned ranges of the Western Ghats in India. Eco-friendly home developments seem poised to help conserve this range to its fullest.

Sahyadri is a major supplier of water to Pune. Though this range has a lot to offer in terms of natural resources and pleasant environment with tremendous sceneries to enjoy for people there. No wonder such an environmentally rich place attracts numerous real estate home development opportunities there.

According to the state of the department for tourism, the natural resources in the Sahyadri are enough to sustain a population of 38 million people. But there is a little less than 4 percent, i.e., 1.24 million hectares of this barren land is covered under forests.

A big concern arises that the advent of home construction will majorly disrupt the conservation of the environment to the Sahyadri. To save the city from losing its natural ecosystem under the wave of development, a young environmentalist Abhishek Raj from Pune Maharashtra, is proposing a massive vision of eco-friendly home development which would not only develop cost-effective housing to accommodate the lifestyle but also conserve the natural habitat and environment in Sahyadri without letting them get any harm; he added.

“The Sahyadri rangers connected with important cities in the world like Pune, Bangalore etc. These cities are heavily dependent on the resources supplied from this range. So, conserving this range is highly important for not only these cities but also for nearby villages that depend on it. Various industries running in this range also contribute to pollution,” he added.

With Abhishek Raj’s plans of development, they will manage to build energy-efficient affordable homes which will be a prominent feature of a sustainable house. They will develop the real estate according to the ideas of nature. The buildings will conserve water, energy by installing solar panels and rainwater harvesting. The eco-friendly home development projects will also do less environmental damage compared to conventional construction methods.

However, with efforts in improving environment, these homes facilitate a healthy lifestyle for the people living in. Buyers who live in greenhouses enjoy many health benefits, as materials that are harmful are not used in its construction. For example, eco-friendly construction companies avoid products that release toxic materials. So, the indoor air quality is often much better, as compared to conventional buildings. Such a lifestyle helps people immunizing against respiratory illness which nowadays is one of the top 5 death causes in the world, said by WHO.

According to the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Abhishek raj’s mission of spreading his knowledge about making eco-friendly properties without disturbing nature in Sahyadri’s is recognized as a potential opportunity to revolutionize the real estate industry. By conserving the ecosystem with improved water and air quality and least waste generation brings the vision of Abhishek of building eco-friendly homes in the city closer to its goal.

To conclude, the way to a healthier environment is already set by Abhishek Raj, a Satvik lifestyle approach to life, a healthy house with a positive energy flow will definitely help you align your life with nature and connect with the earth. This is possible at Sahyadri where you can buy eco-friendly housing. If this article intrigued you, to learn more about the upcoming Sahyadri eco-friendly home development project you can always visit Mr. Abhishek for further information.

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