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Eangelmarkets creates a new paradigm of digital finance

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Eangelmarkets creates a new paradigm of digital finance

January 07
21:57 2022

The traditional incentive model has long been used in Internet digital finance, where wealth is distributed through centralized insiders, and where individual points are invested and redistributed on an intermediary basis, and wealth holders are able to achieve an artificial shortage of market situations and negative publicity through economic means to achieve a model of manipulating market prices.The future decentralized Internet is able to protect the privacy of each of us, protect the rights and interests of each of us data, and then can make the digital into wealth, so called wealth Internet, its significance will bring humanity into a new era of wealth.

Code is rules, flow is wealth. As a blockchain star project, Eangelmarkets adheres to the concept of “open source ecology” and “decentralization” of the blockchain, and abides by the principle of “code is the law” to create safer, faster and more efficient decentralized derivatives Trading platform.

In the long run, as institutional users and more regulars join, there will be an increasing demand from users seeking to finely allocate their funds’ risk and return mix. This will force many DeFi protocols to upgrade their own funding pool model, allowing users to more personalized allocation of funds. Moreover, in all DeFi product tracks such as trading, lending, insurance, futures, options, etc., it is an inevitable trend to provide more abundant capital allocation options for capital pool suppliers such as professional institutions. Then the non-homogeneous fund pool of Eaglemarkets has become the only way for DeFi development.

Eangelmarkets builds decentralized protocols for open financial systems, allowing anyone in the world to conduct financial activities, including lending, decentralized trading, derivatives, payments and assets, anytime and anywhere, making finance transparent, decentralized and de-trusted, and with all assets in the hands of the users themselves, who always know where their money is.

Eangelmarkets is a cross-chain decentralized contracts trading platform. Its high liquidity, extremely low slippage and excellent depth combine the security and transparency of DEX with the speed experience of CEX to provide the best decentralized contract trading experience for its users.

Eangelmarkets focuses on innovation and improvement in many-to-many cross-chain transactions, liquidity provision, capital utilization, transaction efficiency, transaction slippage and risk management. Eangelmarkets makes maximum use of the fund pool, upgrades the homogeneous fund pool to the non-homogeneous fund pool, supports users in the personalized allocation of funds, and fundamentally improves the utilization rate of funds. Each piece of funds in the non-homogeneous fund pool of Eaglemarkets can be clearly divided by the owner, and the difference between funds is not only the difference between the amount, but the difference between the urban area and the accumulated handling fee.

Eangelmarkets’ contract transaction is that the user transfers funds to the contract address on the chain through the smart contract to perform contract operations. The user’s funds transfer are all interactive on the chain, open and transparent, and bring users a safe, smooth, and fast contract transaction experience.

Eangelmarkets smart contracts provide the best reserve pool price, and settlement can be completed quickly through smart contracts on the chain. It is currently the fastest mode in decentralized exchanges. Eangelmarkets allows others to create reserve pools, which can gather tokens and liquidity, and even get support from other exchanges. When the user cannot satisfy the transaction, the reserve pool will be activated to provide a better user experience.

Eangelmarkets deeply highlights the spirit of the blockchain, seizes the wealth value high ground, and creates a new paradigm of digital finance. Eangelmarkets has innovative mechanisms, advanced technology, and powerful operations. They work together to create a benchmark project for a new generation of decentralized derivatives trading platforms, making Eangelmarkets a model of the industry for reshaping the wealth value system.


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