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HuskyCoin Provides the Opportunity to Utilize Their Meme in Playing the Husky Meme Game and earn (P2E)

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HuskyCoin Provides the Opportunity to Utilize Their Meme in Playing the Husky Meme Game and earn (P2E)

January 13
00:15 2022
HuskyCoin ($HUSKY) is set to launch the Huskyverse platform, a combination of metaverse and memes. The forum will allow users to play games using the meme NFT.

There was a period when most people had no idea what NFT was. But look at them now, selling NFTs for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This demonstrates how rapidly people picked up on the fundamentals of using an NFT in the cryptocurrency industry.

Whereas an NFT is used to own digital artwork, memes are now an essential aspect of digital creativity. People making memes when the internet was barely getting started are now making a lot of money due to the NFTs recent rise. Several platforms are there that provide their customers the opportunity to own NFTs for their memes collection.

HuskyCoin is coming up with the same concept: users will get NFTs for their digital memes; however, the platform will enable users to utilize that NFT in the in-game. In 2020, an anonymous buyer paid $8,000 for a meme cryptocurrency named Shiba Inu. That meme is now worth $5.04 billion years later.

HuskyCoin is excited to announce the launch of Huskyverse, a memes game (P2E). In the spirit of this excellent gaming trip, the platform has created an opportunity for its customers to have fun, super, cool, and collectible meme NFTs. The game’s premise is entirely encircled by meme NFTs. Each user will have their own NFT, which will be a meme. Also, users will have complete ownership of the NFTs utilized in the gaming experience.

Users will earn their own NFT in the Husky Memes Game (HMG) and play to make extra incentives through the platform. NFTs can be collected, freely exchanged, and upgraded to a higher level in the marketplace. Buying $Husky is easy. Users can visit the website here as the platform has created medium tutorials to help users buy. Also, users can buy $Husky on PancakeSwap.  Huskyverse is an online platform formed with a combination of metaverse and memes. The platform aims to provide users the opportunity to make money by playing.

Users interested in investing through the $HUSKY coin can find valuable information from the website. Also, users can follow the Telegram channel or follow on Facebook for the latest updates and announcements. 

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