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Zhang Yiling, Chairman of Longwood Valley MedTech®, was selected as one of the “2022 Forbes China · 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees”

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Zhang Yiling, Chairman of Longwood Valley MedTech®, was selected as one of the “2022 Forbes China · 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees”

January 16
21:36 2023

Recently, the “2022 Forbes China · 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees”, jointly released by Forbes China and Fosmos Global, announced the results. Dr. Zhang Yiling, Chairman of Longwood Valley MedTech®, as a young representative in the field of orthopedics, was selected to the list.

The reporter learned that Longwood Valley MedTech® founded by Dr. Zhang Yiling, a high-tech enterprise in the field of orthopedic digitization, provided digital whole-process solutions for orthopedics in hospitals covering AI-aided diagnosis, individualized surgery solutions, surgical robots, post-operative evaluation, etc.

During the trend of transformation from traditional medical devices to digitalization, China’s orthopedic medical devices have undergone tremendous changes. On the one hand, there is a shortage of orthopedic surgeons with professional skills and surgical experience in China, and the accuracy of surgery in some primary hospitals is not high; on the other hand, there is an uneven distribution of high-quality medical resources in China, especially scarce in the ration of digital medical devices, and it is difficult to introduce surgical robots imported from abroad into primary hospitals, which cost as high as tens of millions of yuan for each.

In 2017, Zhang Yiling aiming at the field of orthopedic digitization founded Longwood Valley MedTech® at Longwood Campus of Harvard University. A set of 3D medical imaging surgical solutions of AIJOINT artificial intelligence joint replacement has been offered for the majority of primary hospitals and young doctors through scientific research cooperation with a lot of tertiary hospitals in China as well as deep involvement of many well-known orthopedic experts.

At present, the AIJOINT technology of Longwood Valley MedTech® has been in the leading position in the world, which can realize rapid 3D reconstruction, intelligent image segmentation, intelligent matching of prosthesis, precise positioning and precise osteotomy, and provide cutting-edge digital solutions covering pre-operative surgical planning, intra-operative navigation, and surgical robotics, etc.

“Artificial intelligence joint replacement can intelligently segment bones based on preoperative CT data of patients through neural network-G-NET, so as to achieve 3D reconstruction, intelligently identify anatomical sites with an average recognition error of less than one pixel, automatically calculate according to the anatomical shape of bones and corresponding anatomical parameters, and intelligently match the most appropriate prosthesis model and placement position with an accuracy of more than 96.7%.”, said Dr. Zhang Yiling.

The upgrading of technology has enabled the orthopedic digital products of Longwood Valley MedTech® to enter more than 600 tertiary hospitals nationwide, which are widely used as an auxiliary therapy for orthopedic patients

From the perspective of Dr. Zhang Yiling, Longwood Valley MedTech® has built a moat in three aspects: first, a team integrating medicine and engineering has been built, with hundreds of clinical technical engineers, device experts, algorithm experts, as well as access to senior clinical orthopedic experts for guidance and support; second, the advantage of Longwood Valley MedTech® in data has been accumulated, so that China has richer case data in orthopedics to obtain a good chance of a “corner overtaking” in the orthopedic application of AI due to China’s larger population base; third, in terms of the clinical problems to be solved by the product itself, Longwood Valley MedTech® will popularize the expensive orthopedic digital products in the United States, so that more primary doctors and patients can enjoy the world’s best services.

It is reported that the new infrastructure of orthopedics represented by Longwood Valley MedTech® is considered to be the third major technological wave in the field of orthopedics after microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery. With years of technical strength and brand advantages, Longwood Valley MedTech® obtaining the olive branch of capital has completed 7 rounds of financing (B+ round), favored by a lot of investment institutions such as IDG, CDH Investments and CICC Capital.

In addition, Longwood Valley MedTech® has been recognized by Johnson & Johnson MedTech China, the global orthopedic magnate. On August 11, 2022, Johnson & Johnson MedTech China and Longwood Valley MedTech® entered into a deepening strategic partnership to jointly explore digital innovation, product research and development, market and brand promotion, and other aspects in the future, so as to push forward intelligent and precise clinical solutions to cover the whole course of orthopedics and surgery and jointly create a patient-centered digital surgery ecosystem. The initiative is interpreted as a major milestone for Johnson & Johnson MedTech China to jointly promote digital innovation with local companies in the market of China.

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