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Manna Abraham celebrates as her unique method of rapidly resolving Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression gets global recognition as a brand-new healing modality.

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Manna Abraham celebrates as her unique method of rapidly resolving Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression gets global recognition as a brand-new healing modality.

May 10
18:56 2023
Manna Abraham, a visionary in the world of personal growth, is pleased to announce her brand new modality and novel trauma-informed approach is now recognized in over 35 countries. The approach gives hope to millions of people suffering from trauma-related problems around the world.

Australia – Helping people with rapid trauma recovery, Manna Abraham’s novel approach is changing lives and helping people resolve emotional triggers through her cutting-edge method that allows people to recover from trauma quickly. Manna Abraham’s approach is unique, holistic, and effective by helping clients to finally overcome physical and emotional triggers even if they have struggled for years. The EMPR Method, not only effectively treats trauma, it’s had significant success with other mental health issues such as PTSD, CPTSD, Anxiety and Depression also.


The Emotion Memory Pattern Release (EMPR) method created by Manna Abraham emphasizes the importance of consistent conscious choice and continuous self-inquiry to resolve debilitating trauma-related symptoms and has been especially successful with front-line workers such as the police, ER health workers and the armed forces,  helping these much-needed professionals to find the normality back in their lives.

Conventional talking therapies don’t always address trauma symptoms completely. EMPR, on the other hand, is a six-step process that incorporates mind, body, and energy. The EMPR method combines sensory experience, language, trauma-oriented cognitive restructuring, and more. Manna’s approach is based on the principle that people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are interconnected and that true healing requires addressing all aspects of one’s being.

Her brand-new modality and novel trauma-informed approach treat varying degrees of trauma exposure, leading to decreased symptoms of hypervigilance, flashbacks, nightmares, sudden startle syndrome and improved emotional regulation, sleep patterns, and social engagement. The EMPR approach is grounded in science and research, and it has been proven effective in helping clients overcome a range of physical and emotional challenges.

Manna believes trauma and trauma-related issues can be resolved quickly, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. If you have tried everything else and feel like you are too broken to be fixed, reach out and there is hope.

About Manna Abraham:

Manna Abraham’s unique journey from an aspiring young engineer to a successful chartered accountant, certified practising accountant to transforming herself into an international healer, trauma recovery therapist and life mentor is a testament to her commitment to helping others unlock their true potential to transform themselves too.

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