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Heritage · Traces – Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University Debutes at 2023 China Graduate Fashion Week

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Heritage · Traces – Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University Debutes at 2023 China Graduate Fashion Week

May 24
03:16 2023

In 2017, Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University’s graduation clothing works with the theme of “Going West to Dunhuang” were unveiled on China Gradate Fashion Week, hailed as an exquisite fusion of Dunhuang art and fashion elements. In 2018, the clothing works with the theme of “in the folk” were presented at the China Graduate Fashion Week, which integrated traditional cultural elements of folklore such as Sanqin drama, paper-cutting and embroidery into the clothing design, showing a characteristic feeling of “originated from tradition, cutting into life and leading the fashion”. “The works were praised as an exquisite work that combines folk art and fashion elements. This year, Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University has meticulously planned the “Heritage · Traces” for the China Graduate Fashion Week. More than 70 sets of works were selected from hundreds of graduation designs to form the “Heritage · Traces” themed clothing exhibition, showcasing the achievements of education and teaching in the school’s fashion college and the tireless pursuit of fashion design. 

The “Heritage · Traces” themed clothing exhibition is set against the background of “Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage”. The event is oriented towards “inheriting historical context, safeguarding Shaanxi civilization” and “inheriting craftsmanship and enjoying a better life”, aiming to promote the creative transformation and innovative development of Shaanxi Intangible Cultural Heritage. Shaanxi has a long history and profound cultural heritage. The intangible cultural heritage, like a pearl in the vast sea, is particularly dazzling. The intangible cultural heritageof Shaanxi is the Qin Opera that roars under the city wall, the waist drum in northern Shaanxi that is striking on the Loess Plateau, the moving and jumping of shadow figures in the lampshade, the lifelike image in the hands of Paper Cuttings artists, the fragrant and authentic delicious food of time-honored brands… The intangible cultural heritage is the thick and colorful side of Shaanxi culture.

In recent years, as the “Chinese Dream”, “Chinese Style” and “China-Chic” continue to penetrate into the hearts of the people, as an important part of the spread of Chinese civilization, it is the mission of contemporary young people to vigorously protect and inherit the cultural heritage of the intangible cultural heritage, so that the culture of the intangible cultural heritage can keep pace with the times, promote new ideas, and radiate new charm and brilliance. Intangible cultural heritage is not fixed, it is constantly infused with new creations with the changes of society and the practice of generations. The integration of intangible cultural heritage and fashion brings vitality to the intangible cultural heritage. Students delve into the field of fashion clothing in their design, continuously adhering to the concept of “integrating fashion and intangible cultural heritage”, protecting, inheriting, and innovating the use of traditional craft resources, achieving creative transformation and innovative development of intangible cultural heritage. They have a distinct sense of fashion and cultural characteristics, pay attention to the combination of creativity and practicality, emphasize distinct design styles, unique design techniques, and innovative material applications and expressions. 

The “Heritage · Traces” themed clothing exhibition works combine a large number of Shaanxi intangible cultural heritage folk crafts, Qin Opera, Paper Cuttings, Huxian lacquer painting, Guanzhong shadow puppetry, Fengxiang clay sculpture, Shaanxi Qin embroidery, southern Shaanxi cross stitch, grass and wood dyeing, straw weaving craftsmanship and others. All works fully integrate Shaanxi regional characteristics, folk art elements, and clothing fashion concepts from the selection of surface and auxiliary materials, style design, plate making, and craftsmanship, integrating rich techniques such as embroidery, fabric texture reconstruction, digital printing, and 3D printing. Their combination with modern clothing is eye-catching, and their design works play an important guiding role in promoting traditional Chinese culture, inheriting Shaanxi’s intangible cultural heritage, and establishing a new aesthetic trend.


Located in the millennium old capital of Xi’an, Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University adheres to the school motto of “Carve without stop, even metal and stone can be engraved”, the school spirit of “patriotism, filial piety, and inspirational practice”, and the school philosophy of “international perspective, market-oriented thinking, and characteristic development”. For many years, emphasis has been placed on combining classroom teaching with practice to cultivate students’ creativity, design, and production abilities. Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University relies on the profound historical and cultural heritage of Xi’an, Shaanxi, and combines fashion and pop to expand its design philosophy, forming a teaching philosophy that integrates folk customs and fashion, tradition and modernity. Since the beginning of the graduation design work of the first undergraduate clothing and fashion design major in 2014, multiple exhibition activities have been held to showcase the combination of Shaanxi traditional culture and modern aesthetic fashion, with Shaanxi regional culture as the main theme. Showcased the teaching philosophy and achievements of the college’s inheritance of traditional culture and integration of local folk art.


After 29 years of development and accumulation, Shaanxi Fashion Engineering University has formed an economic management professional group characterized by clothing brands and marketing; An art and design professional group characterized by international fashion and fashion design. A talent cultivation model has been formed that combines real-life teaching, art and industry integration, and school enterprise collaboration, strengthening the OBE teaching philosophy of student-centered, output oriented, and continuous improvement. The College of Fashion currently offers undergraduate programs in Fashion and Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Engineering, Performance, Gem and Materials Technology, as well as specialized programs in Fashion and Fashion Design, Character Image Design, Performing Arts (Fashion Performance Direction), Jewelry Design and Technology, and Flight Attendant, providing a large number of applied talents for the fashion industry.

Our college was awarded the “Talent Construction Demonstration College” by the China Textile Industry Association in 2017, and was approved as a provincial-level “Teacher Ethics Construction Demonstration Team” in 2020. In 2014, our college’s “Fashion Design and Engineering Major” was approved as a “provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot” major, which was approved as a “first-class professional” construction major in Shaanxi Province in 2019; The “Clothing Engineering Practice Teaching Team” was approved as the “Provincial Teaching Team” in 2015; Approved as a provincial-level first-class professional construction project in Shaanxi Province in 2020; In 2023, it was approved for the construction project of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education’s “Shaanxi Provincial University Engineering Research Center for Clothing Intelligent Manufacturing Technology”. Many outstanding graduates have repeatedly won awards in domestic and international fashion design competitions, fashion skills competitions, and fashion exhibitions, and have been favored by the Chinese clothing industry, becoming a fresh blood and driving force for the development of the Chinese clothing industry.

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