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A Teen’s Life Debuts As #1 New Release

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A Teen’s Life Debuts As #1 New Release

January 29
03:14 2020

United States – January 28th, 2020 – Young people looking to get ahead are told time and again to “reach out.” But for some teens, overcoming the struggles of adolescence and achieving success in life isn’t so simple. Renowned author Dr. Uchenna L. Umeh in her new book offers an unabridged advice on what it takes to survive adolescence; from depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, misunderstanding, invisibility and invalidation from the adults around them, to exploring who they are in their journey towards adulthood. A Teen’s Life is currently available on Amazon and, her website.

Certified global keynote speaker and best-selling author Dr. Uchenna L. Umeh is thrilled to announce to the general public, the release of her new book titled “A Teen’s Life: Looking at teens lives through their struggles”, where she details the live of teens, their struggles, and how to help them live a happier, more meaningful and fulfilled life. Her personal story and work on childhood trauma were featured in Parents magazine just last week.

Uchenna L. Umeh AKA Dr. Lulu the Momatrician is known to be a modern visionary who has dedicated her life and her voice to creating awareness for suicide in children, teens and young adults, (especially in the minority community), worked as a Pediatrician, and has nearly 30 years of clinical experience. In line with her goal of making the world a better place for teens, Dr Lulu recently released her latest book entitled “A Teen’s Life: Looking at teens lives through their struggles”. A Teen’s Life is a page-turning thriller that begs to be read in a single sitting. This inspiring book teaches teens how to overcome the struggles of life.

The book offers a holistic approach and helps parents control conflicts with their teens, thereby changing their attitude towards them. It helps them see the world as teens see it, so they can begin to be more intentional and mindful in their parenting. Unlike many other self-help guides relating to teens, A Teen’s Life includes easy to implement concepts and principles that the author has used over the years to improve teens’ lives. The new book contains timeless information, teaching teens and parents how to harness, wield and control the pressures that comes with raising and being a teenager.

Speaking on the release of her new book in an interview, Dr Umeh commented “In this book, teens are often lost in their unique world of darkness and despair. Each travelling a different road but ending up at the same destination, inflicting some form of self-harm as a way of coping. My hope is that as you learn about these teens and their plights, you come away enriched, with a firm resolve to make a differenceand change your outlook on certain teen behavioural patterns, their causes and consequences.”

“If you are a teen reading this book and you happen to see yourself or your story in here, try to give yourself permission to learn from it. If you are a parent, and experiencing conflicts with your teen, I hope that this book will help you change your attitude towards them, by seeing the world as they see it, so you can begin to be more intentional and mindful in your parenting. Indeed, most teens want one basic thing from their parents, validation.Teens, I want you to know that you are important, you are loved, you matter, your thoughts and actions matter, and most importantly, the world needs you to help light the spark that will start the change. Go forth and break the silence,” she added.

“A really great read. This work would serve any college student well as a resource. What do you think about an international annual teen or YA cross-cultural summit for those who also experienced dark moments as teens? It would be an opportunity for them to share their stories and promote awareness and hope. Sort of like a Ted Talk, but an Ask Doctor Lulu instead. It would give them a look at the weight that many others bear, as well as an opportunity for some self-reflection. I certainly had many as I was reading the letters… And I had some tearful moments too,” said Kristy C.

About Dr. Uchenna L. Umeh

Uchenna L. Umeh, MD/MBA aka Dr. Lulu the Momatrician, is a Nigerian-born board-certified Pediatrician, with nearly 30 years of clinical experience. After so many years in clinical practice, she is now a Grand Doctor, since her patients now include her former patients’ children.

She attended medical school at Ahmadu Bello University Hospital in Nigeria and obtained her pediatric residency training at Howard University Hospital Washington D.C. Soon after completion she started the largest minority-owned and operated private practice in Lancaster and Chester both in South Carolina that was when she first experienced a patient suicide, a 15-year-old teen in 2008.

Following a divorce, she became a single mother of three sons. She sold her beloved practice, joined the United States Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel and moved across the country to San Antonio Texas. While Active, she served as Commander at Maxwell AFB, and Medical Director at Lackland AFB. After completing her 4 year contract and receiving an honorable discharge, she joined a multispecialty group practice until September 2018. In the most recent years of practice, she noticed a disturbing trend; more and more of her patients were presenting to her office with depression, anxiety, self-harming behavior and suicidal behavior, and they were getting younger and younger. Following a visit by a 7-year-old patient who had attempted suicide twice in May of 2018, she resigned from clinical practice to pursue apath in public speaking.

She has now dedicated her life and her voice to creating awareness for suicide in children, teens and young adults, especially in the minority community. Her website is is an online resource for high-risk teens. She is also Medical Director and CEO of Dr. Lulu’s Youth Health Center, a pediatric practice focusing on at-risk youth aged 4-21 years with mental health challenges or suicidal behavior.

Dr Lulu has been featured on multiple radio shows, podcasts and magazines, both in the US and in Africa. She blogs at and has a weekly Facebook Live series at 2pm each Sunday on AskDoctorLulu, her Facebook business page, where she discusses hot topics affecting our youth, especially teens. As a public speaker, she has given National and International Keynote Addresses but her favorite place to speak is at schools and local community events where she can interact one-on-one with children, teens, parents, and community members.

She is a parent coach and child advocate who focuses her online courses on communication between parents and teens. Her books: “How to Raise Well Rounded Children” and her brand new book: “A Teen’s Life”, are both Amazon Bestsellers and are available on her website and on Amazon.

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