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Best Actor of Golden Horse Awards Kang-sheng Lee and World Commonwealth Musician Ching-hsaing Fan Retranslates Slow Man Caring Campaign of ME/CFS

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Best Actor of Golden Horse Awards Kang-sheng Lee and World Commonwealth Musician Ching-hsaing Fan Retranslates Slow Man Caring Campaign of ME/CFS

October 28
01:21 2020


Kang-sheng Lee, Chinese Light and International best actor, was invited by his friend  Ching-hsaing Fan, Warner commonwealth musician, ME/CFS city slow life campaign founder, and global charity organization MILLIONS MISSING to serve as “Global Charity Ambassador” for the caring campaign of ME/CFS.They also produced their first public service video work, SLOWMAN, which is based on art and the film-maker’s spirit, to show caring for ME/CFS, and will be published on international public service platforms in Denmark, the UK, Canada and other regions. This is the first time for Kang-sheng Lee to shoot video works for a global public welfare project. He also hopes to convey Chinese humanistic culture through his works, care for global patients of ME/CFS with artistic spirit, and do public welfare for contemporary social cities.

It is worth mentioning that the birthdays of the two are three days apart. Kang-sheng Lee won the response of international public organizations and people as “Global Charity Ambassador” for the caring campaign of ME/CFS. This year, the two people joined hands in the public welfare to express their gratitude to their parents and every supporter as a “birthday project”. They also returned their birthday wishes to world’s Peace, Health, Peace and Completeness, and hoped that the positive energy of the works would bring more kindness, care, mutual assistance and warmth to the society.


The public service video work, SLOWMAN, composed of photography, behavior and dialogue respectively, was produced by Ching-hsaing Fan together with Kang-sheng Lee as the spiritual core. It was jointly produced by photography, image designer Wang Zhenghao and friends of the world public welfare.

The work was inspired by Nobel Prize-winning author John Maxwell Coetzee’s Slow Man. It is a literary work with realistic characteristics, highly commented in the early stage and praised by all circles in the later stage. Slow Man analyzes the survival plight of the social group of the lonely, disabled and elderly, advocates giving without return in life, reflects the social problems caused by language communication barriers and the cultural cognition differences in love, respect, equality and harmony, and strives for peace and inner peace of human beings.


Fanhe Culture said: this time, the two people retranslated the original spirit of Slow Man to care for and pay tribute to patients of ME/CFS. This is the first time in the world to interpret this literature in the form of photographic records.

Kang-sheng Lee interprets SLOWMAN for the first time, that after experiencing life glory, physical and mental pain and different challenges, slow man has become a “positive energy warrior” with the positive thinking of reflection, thanks and benefiting the masses to protect every patient of ME / CFS; Ching-hsaing Fan interprets the patient of ME / CFS to express his anxiety, fear, insecurity and in confidence  under the condition that there is no perfect treatment plan of this illness in the world. After meeting the slow man played by Kang-sheng Lee, the “Embracer of love messenger” rediscovers life, gains healing and rebirth. They show care for ME/CFS and social invisible patients and convey support and respect for “social marginalized people”.


Public welfare video work SLOWMAN is presented in two styles of “color contrast and black-and-white recording” to respectively express the psychological care for the invisible patients in society and the tribute to the history of the disease. Danish charity representative HELLE RASMUSSEN was deeply moved by seeing the samples and invited the work to participate in the world charity video exhibition Global ME/CFS Care Dayon May 12 next year.


In this work, Ching-hsaing Fan and Kang-sheng Lee talk about the definition and interpretation of SLOWMAN, slow life state and anti-fatigue methods. Kang-sheng Lee said, Slow life is a state and the connotation of life.

The object of his study in “Slow Life Aesthetics” is Director Cai Ming-liang; his life has “Slow Life Aesthetics”: growing organic fruits and vegetables, healthy cooking, advocating true self-consciousness in his works, etc.; Lee’s anti-fatigue methods are that drink 2000cc of water a day, get enough sleep and exercise, take a bath and sweat to improve metabolism when tired at work, go swimming and snorkeling during holidays to strengthen physical fitness, soothe the body and mind, and maintain cardiovascular and physiological functions; this is also a beneficial soft exercise and method for chronic fatigue patients advocated by the International Health Organization.


“Slow people’s spokesperson is Kang-sheng Lee”, this is Ching-hsaing Fan’s impression of Lee. Along the way, he can feel the contribution and beauty of a kind of “Kang-sheng Lee’s slow art” brought to Chinese art and culture from his film works Days, The Missing and Stray Dogs.

After Ching-hsaing Fan had a chance to watch Kang-sheng Lee’s film works” and knew that he was suffering from chronic diseases for a long time, his inspiration suddenly came to his mind: “To do a good thing with Lee, that is to do public welfare with him”, so he started in this way Ching-hsaing Fan believes that many things in life are fate and the law of attraction that “life has the best arrangement” and believes that “the source that benefits others” is the pull of light. This may also be the destiny and mission of “slow man”.


Kang-sheng Lee felt that in 2020, due to the epidemic and other factors, there would  be many different uncertainties and challenges around the world. Everyone can turn resistance into power. At any time, public welfare can start from “caring for the surrounding” to deliver positive energy, so as to give good benefits among people.

An international filmmaker, Lee has appeared in all of Tsai Mingliang’s feature films. In 2003, he directed his first film, The Missing, which was nominated for the Golden Horse Award for Best Feature Film.In 2007, his film Help Me Love Eros, which he wrote, directed and acted, was selected as the official competition film of the 64th Venice Film Festival and the Golden Lion Award, etc. In 2013, he won the Best Actor Award of the 50th Golden Horse Award, the 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival, Taipei Film Award for Stray Dogs.

Ching-hsaing Fan, World Commonweal Musician, founder of ME/CFS Urban Slow Life Charity Project — Caring for global patients of ME/CFS; the first representative of the Greater China region of the world public welfare organization Millions Missing,

initiated public welfare works and obtained recognition from international public welfare organizations; Released by Warner MUSIC, Ching-hsaing Fan’s positive energy MUSIC, LOVE MUSIC album, which contains songs such as By your Side, Happy Heaven and Take Off, is devoted to FANTREND public welfare and the origin of life.

Their works have always been committed to the positive exchange and inheritance of “Chinese art and culture” in the international community.


Kang-sheng Lee and Ching-hsaing Fan sincerely thank the public and international organizations for their recognition and support. They hope to focus their work on ME/CFS so that the public can recognize and understand this disease; they also hope that public interest video works will make a positive appeal to pay attention to the social security and cost issues of diseases from all walks of life, and actively discover the “causes and treatments of diseases”, and also arouse the prevention and care of the group of ME/CFS by people in cities all over the world, explore more aspects and carry out public welfare construction and actions.

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