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Faltering Electricity Supply Adds to Problems for Delhiites in Hot Weather Conditions

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Faltering Electricity Supply Adds to Problems for Delhiites in Hot Weather Conditions

May 05
10:29 2015

summer earlyNew Delhi, Tuesday, May 5 – Mercury is rising with every passing day. the main point of concern is information about no respite in the near future. The new month started on very warm note, clearly indicating summers have actually knocked at the doors of Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and so on. Populace is experiencing the heat, which gets harsh right from early hours of the day and bears the same intensity till late evening.

As indicated by weathermen, the summer feel can be felt in May despite the fact that such sort of scenario is quite common during middle of June. Rainfall is anticipated to be below average this year as well that is bothering people as they bore the brunt of intense heat last year as well and that too up till late October.

If rain doesn’t wet lanes of Delhi in next to no time, probability of temperature breaking all records will go up. Rising temperature is turning out to be the key cause of a number of troubles faced by living creatures in this day and age. Sun-drenched mornings are creating a big mess in the early hours, sending people in a state of confusion whether to go out or not. To avoid harsh sunlight, more than a few daily commuters are leaving home much prior to the scheduled time.

Slight rainfall and even hailstorm in some of the national capital regions late last week indicated a bit soothing and unpredictability in weather conditions but weathermen anticipated of hotter situations for this week and their forecast turned true when mercury went up 40 degree Celsius on Monday. City hospitals are being swarmed by patients suffering from dehydration, seasonal flu, sunstroke and dizziness. Advises are being sought to remove tanning from sun-kissed hands, face, neck and feet by dermatologists. Many are even opting for homemade packs to get back their original complexion. Health experts ask people to cover face and wear hand gloves while stepping outside of their residences.

It is just the start. Circumstances will be tougher in the coming days. Everyone would eye comfort but the whole month is supposed to be drier. Problems are going to jump for the reason that maximum and minimum temperatures will be seen fluctuating between 41 degree Celsius & 44 degree Celsius and 24 degree Celsius & 29 degree Celsius, respectively. Some clouds might be seen partially covering the sky but these are not supposed to bring any showers in the metropolitan city. Speedy winds will transition in heat wave thanks to severe sun rays, which are intolerable during the dawn. On the whole, no rest from such weather is on the cards.

In order to stay away from illness in this temperature, inhabitants must consume at least 5 to 6 litres of water in a day. Eating a tad less is gonna be helpful given that body takes a lot of time to digest food during the summers. The health mantra is to follow all measures to stay away from sunlight as much as possible, eat nutritious, wear cotton fabrics for sheer comfort and sleep in rooms either cooled with coolers, fans and air conditioners, the doctors added further. Here is to mention that several regions in New Delhi observed faltering electricity supply, which lasted for a couple of hours, a day ago, letting people sweat. Residents were complaining about voltage fluctuations as well, leaving them with no option other than to unplug home appliances and switch off fans. Interrupted power supply could be common in the near future in view of the fact that demand will increase in peak May and June periods, putting pressure on the government to meet the common needs.